Where is Mr. Right?


Would You Recognize Your Soul Mate if you Meet Him?



You're a smart woman.


You're successful in your profession.  You're adorable, responsible, attractive, funny, and have friends that love you.  You've also been doing your share of "personal development work" over the years, an you have taken good care of yourself. You're amazing!


You're completely baffled that you haven't found the right guy yet. Modern Dating is not as easy as you thought it would be. You KNOW you're an amazing catch! But here's the thing...You want the RIGHT man for you. You don't want "just some guy."   You want your soul mate


You dream about a love that touches you to your core. 

You want the man who sees the incredible woman that you are and loves you deeply.


You see some of your friends who are dating (or are married to) an amazing guy and in conscious relationships.  The truth be told, as happy as you are for them, you wonder, "Why not me? Where IS he? What do I have to do to finally meet the man of my dreams?"


My name is Mary Berney, and I understand exactly where you are.


I found myself divorced at the ripe old age of 29, watching everything that I thought would last forever just fall apart in front of my eyes.


I spent the next 20+ years trying every "dating scheme" I could find, getting exhausted by the whole effort of it, and always finding myself settling for relationships that were good in some ways, but something was always missing. I know that I'm smart, adorable, sexy and loveable too, yet I would end up still longing for my true love.


I had to face the facts - dating had changed. The Internet, social media, texting and email introduced a whole new dating landscape. I knew in my heart that chemistry only happens face-to-face, but before the sparks would fly, I had to first have a date to even make that a possibility, and not with just anyone. That wouldn't do!


I was led on a step-by-step journey that not only gave me clarity about WHY I hadn't met the man of my dreams, but HOW to sort through who was perfect for me and draw him in.


And it wasn't too long before I attracted the MOST adoring, conscious, loving, generous man I had ever met - and we've been together ever since. It still feels like we're on a divine honeymoon!


I'm here to guide you through the winding pathways of Modern Dating, so you can attract the right man who is out there looking, searching, and waiting for YOU. He is your perfect match.


When you work with me, you will take down those walls and learn how to make Modern Dating work for you, no more wasting time, guessing and meeting the wrong people.


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5 Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making That Are Keeping You Single

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Attracting the Right Person

Mary BerneyWhen you work with me you will learn how to make Modern Dating work for you! No more guessing, playing games or meeting the wrong people!







Let's Get You Started Today

Let's get you started today with a free e-course that I've put together just for you, to get you on the path to attracting the right person into your life.

5 Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making that are Keeping You Single